Our Board & Staff

Chuck Malagodi

Chuck Malagodi worked as a program manager for the City of Albuquerque’s Outdoor Recreation Education program for 25 years. During this time he developed an outdoor recreation program, an elementary and Jr. High School safe cycling curriculum that services over 10,000 youth per year, developed and implemented bike mechanics/ share the road/safe routes to school programs and created the City of Albuquerque’s Esperanza Community Bike Shop.

Before the City of Albuquerque, Chuck worked as a bike guide for Backroads Bicycle Touring, a youth minister and as a district representative for the Chrysler Corporation. Chuck holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial technology and a master’s degree of Education in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. He lives in Albuquerque with his wife, dog, and cat

Preston Martin

BTI founder and President Preston Martin graduated from Southern Oregon University in 1991 with a BA in International Studies. He has a background in bicycle racing that led him to bicycle parts distribution. A respected New Mexico business owner, Preston is also a booster of bicycle industry advocacy efforts both locally and nationally.

Dominique Revelle

Dominique makes things. A 25 year New Mexico resident, she is constantly inspired by the amazing skies, wonderful light and the kick ass green chile. A local bike advocate and founder of the Pedal Queens, Cranksgiving and numerous other local events. Oh… and cheese. She loves cheese and zombies.

Elizabeth Mesh

Elizabeth Mesh realized there was a real problem with safety and bicycles on the road when a truck hit her from behind while biking in 2003. Working with amazing cyclists around the state, Elizabeth formulated the Five Feet for Bikes on the road campaign in New Mexico resulting in a Five Feet for Bikes law in three cities in New Mexico. She received the City of Santa Fe Mayor’s award for her ongoing efforts to educate people and change legislation regarding bikes on the road. She’s also an artist, actor, writer, and educator of art and New Mexico history.

Lily O’Leary

Lily’s interest in cycling began in 1994 while living in New Hampshire where she met a guy named Charlie. In 1999, they relocated to Charlie’s home state of New Mexico where they have lived since. She fondly remembers her first ride in ABQ when she got 2 (!) flat tires from the infamous Tribulus terrestris, commonly known as a goat head. Lily rides a custom 650B hardtail manufactured at O’Leary Built Bicycles in Santa Fe, NM.

Nathalie Nuñez

From the tropics of Venezuela, Nathalie moved at a young age to the birthplace of mountain biking Marin County. Growing up biking the Marin Headlands marked the beginning of her life long addiction to mountain biking. Nathalie works as graphic designer for BTI and teaches Downhill Mountain biking at Angel Fire Bike Park on her spare time in the Summer. She is devoted to helping make biking more accessible to all. She also has an extensive background in the Santa Fe and Maui Arts/Digital Media community as an educator and artist.

Bill Lane

Bill is Marketing Director at BTI. A parent and cycling industry veteran, Bill is equally handy with a saw, welder or mouse. Above all he enjoys working with groups of smart, like-minded individuals. He looks forward to a day when every New Mexico kid can have the opportunity to ride a bike.